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UNL Extensión Recursos de Inundación

Nebraska Extension's Community Vitality Initiative engages with communities and resource providers to develop and implement best-practice solutions to grow business, create vibrant communities, and engage youth and young adults.

  • Grow Economic & Business Opportunity

    We offer a variety of resources to support the building of place-based economic and business opportunities in Nebraska. Some examples of programs we offer include:

    • Entrepreneurial Communities
    • Nebraska SourceLink
    • Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference
    • Latino Small Business Program
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  • Create Vibrant Communities

    We help Nebraskans visualize and create vibrant and attractive communities where people want to live and work.

    • Prosperity Communities
    • Marketing Hometown America
    • Red Carpet Service
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  • Engage Residents Young and Old

    We provide engagement opportunities to allow you to tap into the talents of those living in your area - whether they are retirees or elementary students. Some programs we support include:

    • Youth Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunity (YEBO)
    • Leadership and Organizational Development
    • EntrepreneurShip Investigation (ESi)
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