Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

For youth to be able to return to their rural communities, they need a vision for how they will prosper and thrive, build and provide for their families and find success for their future.

Research has shown that given those opportunities, many rural youth would like to return to their home communities.

Continuum Entrepreneurship
ESI - Entrepreneurship Investigation

EntrepreneurShip Investigation (ESI) is an exciting, interactive, and comprehensive curriculum project designed for youth, ages 10-19. ESI uses a variety of tools to help participants develop their entrepreneurial skills and find their business niche. Through exciting activities, case studies and current technology, participants are transformed into budding entrepreneurs! After completing all levels of the curriculum, youth will have the skills and tools to start their own business, as well as have a completed business and marketing plan – the “road map” to the entrepreneur’s success.


Blueprint is a new, entirely digital, experiential high school entrepreneurship curriclum. Youth will learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur and develop a dynamic business plan through their exploration of Blueprint. The curriculum is delivered online via tablets or computers and includes videos and hands-on activities. A new and exciting feature of this curriculum is the dynamic sketch file (business plan), which is aggregated throughout the curriculum. Enjoy leading youth through a blueprint for innovation and entrepreneurship!

Community ConnectionsCommunity Connections

A community planning, youth leadership development and entrepreneurial community building strategy.  It is intended to be a tool that communities can use to engage their youth and adult entrepreneurs in a planning and opportunity identification process.  This web-based resource will help communities engage youth and adults to create a supportive entrepreneurial community resulting in new business ventures across the state.

Engler Agri-Business Center
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