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Red Carpet ServiceRed Carpet Service is a way to help front-line employees:
  • Identify traveler needs
  • Develop skills
  • Discover tools to promote tourism
  • Appreciate local hidden treasures
Who is it for?
The educational program is tailor-made for staff and management of local attractions, convenience stores, lodging, restaurants, retail shops and more.

How it works…
  • Before the session - “mystery” shoppers go to key tourism locations and later share what they find with participants
  • One session is scheduled - two hours long, customized for the location, interactive, fun and research-based
  • Participants - anyone who interacts with travelers and tourists, a group of 25-30 suggested
  • Instructors  - University of Nebraska Extension faculty
  • Local sponsor(s)  - typically a Chamber, CVB or tourism group will underwrite the cost and promote the program
The benefits…
  • Increased understanding of the contributions tourists make to the local economy.
  • Renewed appreciation of the important role of front-line employees
  • Improved customer service skills (giving directions, making referrals, sharing where tourism information can be found, etc.)
  • Increased knowledge of local attractions and hidden treasures
  • Upon request, availability of the “ready-to-use” program tools for continued use in the future.
Results show…
Participants increase their knowledge, understanding and ability to provide customers with tourism information in all areas surveyed.  On average, participants showed a 41.5 percent increase in their ability to share information about main attractions and hidden treasures and in their ability to identify additional tourism resources.

For more information contact…
  • Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel, Extension Specialist - Community Vitality, Scottsbluff  Ph: 308-632-1234

  •  Ben Dutton, Extension Educator - Community Vitality, McCook  Ph: 308-345-3390

  • Jessica Jones, Extension Educator - Community Vitality, Tecumseh  Ph: 402-335-3669

  •  Marilyn Schlake, Extension Educator - Community Vitality, Lincoln   Ph: 402-472-4138