AgriTourism Marketing Online Free Guide to success  Marketing AgriTourism Online

Today there is a growing interest in rural life as shown by:

  • Consumers looking for experiences;
  • Customers wanting to know where their food comes from; and
  • People wanting to see AND participate in farm and ranch life.

Rural-based agriculture is perfectly placed to fulfill these wants. While those closer to an urban center and large populations allows for convenient and easy day trips, there are lots of examples of successful agritourism businesses being developed anywhere. With effective online marketing, there are no boundaries in being found or not having the perfect platform to tell their story. Access the materials here.

Direct Marketing of Speciality Products

Direct Marketing of Specialty Food Products

If you want to:

  • Learn strategies to direct market food and sell online
  • Evaluate the role of technology in your business in regards to direct online marketing
  • Examine strategies necessary to deal with the technology and weigh some cost/benefit measures
  • Consider the evolution of information technology to meet changing business priorities and market demands
  • Understand how online marketing is part of an over-all business and marketing strategy

Then the Direct Marketing of Specialty Food Products online curriculum is for you! As it is designed to help you make wise decisions about your online marketing strategy! Access the materials here.

eTailing - Taking Charge of Your Online Presence Free Guide to success eTailing Curriculum

eTailing is effective in helping small niche-market businesses reach an audience that was once difficult to find or only gathered on rare occasions. Through eTailing - Taking Charge of Your Online Presence, small business owners can expand their geographical reach. Today, the marketplace for any business can be global in scope.

The eTailing curriculum will help you:

  • Identify and reach your target audience
  • Create a user friendly web presence
  • Strengthen your site's search engine optimization
  • Understand what makes an effective landing page
  • Determine your online presence needs
  • Conduct business securely and safely
  • Learn from other small-business owners

The way in which you build an online presence can vary, but you need to understand that it starts with a website and builds from there. Get started today!

Also available in Spanish.  To register for the English or Spanish version click here.

Security Squad

The Security Squad video series on how to keep your equipment and information safe is designed for business owners to help minimize or eliminate equipment, data, and identity theft that threatens customers. The video series provides general equipment and data safety information and the Security Squad Supplemental Planning Workbook provides the action tools to help you develop and implement a security plan for your own business. Once completed, you will have a security plan document that can be shared with your employees for buy-in and implementation.

For more information on the Security Squad workbook and video series click here.