Nebraska Strong - Social Capital in Action

Date Posted: 
Friday, April 19, 2019
By Marilyn Schlake
Social Capital graphic
Social Capital graphic

We heard it and we witnessed it in action. Nebraska Strong has been a unifying message that is bringing Nebraskans, friends and family together from across the nation. Signifying strength, determination, and a resolve to rebuild, Nebraska Strong has bolstered communities and individuals who have, in some cases, lost all semblance of what they had prior to the disastrous March blizzard and floods. Through this simple message, individuals have begun to utilize their social group networks or social capital to support recovery efforts.

Through the study of communities that have experienced major disasters, researchers found the existence of strong community social capital helps to foster early and more successful disaster recovery. To fully understand the import of social capital in disaster recovery, we must first define social capital and the application of the three different types of social capital in communities.

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