Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities


Nebraska Extension’s Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) Conference is a premier conference for all persons interested in building entrepreneurial communities throughout Nebraska and beyond.  

  • The conference is a “Noon to Noon” conference, so participants can travel to and from the conference at reasonable hours.
  • All breakout sessions are held in downtown businesses like restaurants and retail stores during operational hours.
  • Networking and learning from each other is a key objective. The conference is designed for participants to have enough time between sessions to network and enjoy the community.
  • Sessions are designed for participants to learn from each other, gain resources/information to take back to their communities and, as a community team, think differently about how to spur entrepreneurial growth.


The community of Hastings was selected to host the 2018 CEC Conference on April 4th and 5th.  We are excited to work with the team assembled there.  Awesome!

For more information about the Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities conference, contact a team member:

Ben Dutton -                                                      Connie Hancock –                                                Charlotte Narjes –                                                  Marilyn Schlake –                                                Becky Vogt -                                                            Rex Nelson -                                                        Sandra Barrera -